What’s Luck Got To Do With It?

*25% of business founders are “Luck-dominant”, with 70% of entrepreneurs starting without a formal business plan.

*According to Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test (E.A.T.), based on research of 500+ top global founders and business builders.  
Before my world of starting and running my own company I spent copious hours reporting and creating written plans only to see the vast majority of them never read.  Rubbish writer?  Hope not!  Just conforming and wasting time?  Maybe!
The EAT research also finds that 61% of founders are heart driven.  Can corporate business learn from this?  Is the world of business ready?  How come the leaders of businesses behave so corporately when founder mentalities can achieve enormous leaps?  Have we got the courage to sign off approaches without the inside leg measurement and what part can luck play in our success in business?
In one week in May 17 a 101 year old war veteran became the oldest ever skydiver and a 26 year old woman become the youngest person to have scaled Mt Everest from both the north and south side.  These personal achievements take guts, grit, courage and a whole load of self-belief.  They take stamina yes, but how much personality came into it?  How much guts and faith?


We may not all want to push ourselves to such physical challenges that break world records but are we even a little bit as courageous as these two in our lives at work and at home?



Could our conformity to workplace culture mean that we are missing out on experience and greater success?
When did you last push yourself or even venture outside of your comfort zone?  When did you trust and have faith and follow the clues rather than always sticking to set process?  How many days do you spend achieving very little yet exhausted and busy?  Want to change it?  Then start today.Firstly reflect on what stops you.
We know from taking a random and anonymous sample of iAM questionnaires that 70% of people use words like doubting, worrier, overthinking, lacking confidence when describing themselves.   These thoughts act like barriers in our minds stopping us having the courage to leap from a plane every day.   We doubt ourselves and fear failure, so we can stick to safe.
Secondly step back just for a moment and review what you are doing, ask yourself could you do it more and better in a different way?

Now have Courageous Success…

  • Choose a Courageous Mind-Set to start habitually doing the things that no-one else is willing to do.
  • Be prepared to make mistakes, see failures as a gift and guide, small and necessary steps to learn from in the process of realising goals. Force yourself to push through obstacles and fight when you feel deflated – you will grow more grit.
  • Make a habit of meeting deadlines that seem unreasonable and over deliver on expectations.
  • Make the calls you’re afraid to make, don’t let challenge paralyse you – in these moments get things sorted straight away. Change your mind-set – dig in and welcome the challenge.
  • Keep your emotions in check, use your power to manage negative emotion, keep in control and maintain your resolve without losing clarity of thought.
  • Give more that you get in return, be patient, there is no instant gratification here, keep your ego and any need for recognition in check.
  • Trust your gut, listen to your heart, believe in your ability to make the right decision – lead where no-one else follows – choose what looks and feels right. Believe in yourself and stay the course.
Play with luck, allow the heart to take more of a lead and ask yourself how success could be achieved differently.
From Courageous Success Inspiration