Who Are You?

Are you being the best version of you?

In our latest research 88% agreed that “I have times when I doubt myself”.  79% agreed that they’d use words like doubter, worrier, over thinking and lacking confidence when describing themselves.   This is what we are telling ourselves – this is not who we are.  None of us were born with these words written on our heart – this is how we have learnt to be, what we have told ourselves we should be – to enable us to fit in to the world around us, to be liked and be successful.
What truly represents each of us is our heart-based values – who we really are, the us that never changes, our natural gifts – our potential.  The parts of us that we have often forgotten along the way as our heads have told us a different way of being. 

We all have experiences and influences that have contributed to our view of ourselves and how we react and fit into the world around us.  The list is endless –  school, peer group, teachers, siblings, that first drama audition, being picked (or not) for school sports teams, University, first job, first manager – amongst them there will always be those scary or challenging ones.  For everything the world throws at us we interpret these events and create our ‘success model’ (how we feel we should be and behave)  made up of beliefs – some positive, some not, habits and strategies that help us cope.   All of this noise in our heads takes us away from our natural selves, (our values) makes us feel uncomfortable, knocks our confidence and stops us being the best we can be.

Do you ever feel like you’re going to get found out? Do you worry what people think of you?  Ever put yourself down before anyone else can, or feel the need to always be ‘in control’?  Have you ever looked at what other people are doing, tried it and then wondered why it isn’t working?

You are not your teacher, the roles that you play. You are not the person your parents think you should be, or who you think you should be, you are not your story.



Who were you before the world

told you who you should be?




To be the best you, you need to understand who you are.  Our best self is our real self – represented by our heart based values – our guiding principles.  We can be the best of ourselves when we live our lives aligned with our values.

Tips for finding out the real you:

  • Make a list of what makes you happy?  How can you include more of these things in your life?
  • What 5 positive things do you believe in?
  • When do you feel most energised?
  • What really irritates you and makes you cross? – the opposite of this is what is important to you.
  • Think about a time when you have been absolutely ‘in the zone’ and on top of your game, how would you describe your behaviour at that time?
  • Ask those close to you what they really like about you. Your nearest and dearest will be seeing the real you.
  • Write down 5 positive words that you would use to describe yourself when you are truly being you. 

Look at your answers, the themes you see are what’s important to you – your values. What actions can you take to bring these values into your life more and get back to being you?

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iAM Values reveal the very best of us.  Unlike other personality testing and psychometrics iAM Values splits out the transient and restrictive elements of our beliefs, habits, roles and strategies to reveal our heart based values – who we really are – the us that never changes – our natural gifts – our potential – our natural authenticity.

iAM Values deliver what’s missing in global L&D.


To find out more about iAM Global  Using iAM under licence – contact juliehilton@courageoussuccess.com
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