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It’s time for Courageous Success to spread it’s wings.  When I founded our company I had very clear hopes and dreams – to transform the workplace by putting the real person at the heart of their success.  Now it’s time to take iAM Global – I am proud to announce that the time has come to make this dream a reality.

Liz Villani – Founder



Dreams are a creation.  With iAM we have created something new that’s not been done before – a force for good that is transforming the way we work and changing our lives.
Where do dreams come from?  With iAM – At the age of 21 I applied for my dream job.  The night before my assessment centre I rang my Dad, and he said “Liz, just be yourself”.  I then spent almost a decade in my dream job doing exactly the opposite.
Eight years on I watched as I saw people change all around me.  Change themselves to fit in, be liked and succeed.    Full of doubt, conforming and becoming the person that they thought they should be rather than who they really were.
When I then trained as a coach I was introduced to values.  But the approach was a jumble, just like a profiling tool that assesses someone’s persona, habits and perspectives.  Nothing existed that would show people who they really were at heart and so iAM was born.
I am touched and immensely proud of all of our team here at Courageous Success and I feel very privileged to know that iAM is having such a powerful and personal impact on people’s lives.  Now with iAM Global businesses and individuals can deliver iAM under licence and in doing so tell the world that its time to fly.
What are your hopes and dreams?  How can you create a new reality in your world that will make an impact on others?

Courageous Success – bringing life changing ideas to life.

Praise for iAM

“So different to psychometrics, I loved it!”  Global Head of L&D
“The most powerful personalisation tool I have ever experienced.”   UK Learning & Development Manager
“…unlocking what people really find purpose and value in.”  Managing Director
“…I was so uplifted by it.”   HR Director
“…really life affirming.”   Senior HR Business Partner


Julie Hilton“iAM captures the uniqueness of every individual and that’s the world wide gap in Learning and Development.”
Julie Hilton, Head of iAM Global

Interested in iAM Global -using iAM under licence? 
contact: Julie Hilton Head of iAM Global


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