You Already Are Inspiring!

85% of workers worldwide admit to hating their jobs when surveyed anonymously, and especially hate their boss.  Gallup poll 2017.

WOW!  For the benefit of this blog I will ignore the job and focus on the boss – you!
Let me cut straight to the chase.  We know from our work that everyone, and yes, EVERYONE is inspiring when they stop conforming, proving and rebelling and become themselves.  The problem is that we are not being ourselves at work.  So what’s taking you all so long?!

In her Forbes article, Kathy Caprino (women@forbes) shares five characteristics of inspiring people gathered from her own research.  She shares;

  1. They have immense courage.
  2. They have deep empathy for others.
  3. They express love and appreciation openly, and foster equality.
  4. They are emotionally healthy and healed.
  5. They believe in collective power.

For me, this is a tall order and shows inspiration in terms of world domination.  But if you reflect on each of these five and come down to the reality of day to day work, there is a lesson here for all of us.  I would translate these five into;

  1. They have conviction and take a few risks, change things now and again and are open to the new.
  2. They talk about and show how much they care for the people in their team.
  3. They share their appreciation openly and treat everyone the same.
  4. They are emotionally mature and don’t make everything about themselves.
  5. They are inclusive and bring people in.

Is this really so hard?
No, you just need to be the whole and real you.

Here are some tips to inspire!;

  • Be the same person at work as at home, you’ll feel and come across as more real and natural.
  • Don’t conform. None of us have ‘professional’ written on our hearts!  Be informal and normal.
  • Are you playing to your role at work? If your job title was removed tomorrow – how would that change how you think about your work and your contribution?
  • If you have an iAM – have you shared your values and do you know your team’s values?
  • If you don’t have an iAM (speak to us!);  share what’s important to you with your team and ask the same of them – create a shared team purpose.
  • Book team time.  You don’t have to climb a mountain or build a raft (a waste of time), but simply being together, working, planning and focusing on your relationships together will bring you closer as a team.
  • Make friends at work. Remembering that our colleagues are funny and real people, rather than just roles, humanises the workplace.
  • If you need to have a difficult conversation, think about how you’d approach this out of work, with either friends or your kids, and then do the same with your team.

Courageous Success clients, as a result of iAM personal values, truly understand themselves at heart, and report the positive impact on their leadership as 85%.

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