You in a mood? Wibbly Transformed into Wow!

Over 80% of Courageous Success clients give their power away and are totally boundary-less when it comes to letting other people and circumstances affect their mood. Do you?

What can this make?  Wibbly, mood swinging days with extremes of annoyance, frustration or despondency – doesn’t sound like a great recipe for success, does it?!
Use your disappointments to drive your Courageous Success!
‘Psychology Today’ reports that those of us in a transient state of feeling ‘blue’ feel more in control of our lives when we commit to a decision.  In consumer studies people with sadness have been found to be less decisive about what to buy, however anger did not reduce their decisiveness.
If we can learn to channel our disappointment into focus with a hint of inner anger  – guts – we can take back control.
The challenge?  Most of us unconsciously don’t and become despondent whilst blaming ourselves for our uselessness or others for theirs.


So, what’s happened
to our resilience levels?





The reported ‘Snowflake Syndrome’ is a new example of what might be creating this in our younger populations.  Wrapped in cotton wool, millennials reportedly have had everything done for them.  They are all winners, helicopter parented and therefore not using their spine?  Nikki (the boss – our Director of Development) was silenced (rare) this week with the news of parents accompanying their children to job interviews and then ringing the employer when they didn’t get the job!
Sat on a flight back from Australia the other week, I had the great pleasure of grilling a medical PHD student who is studying the link between Alzheimer’s disease and apathy.  The theory being that those of us that are apathetic have potentially more of a risk of losing elements of choice and brain consciousness.
Are you sat in your bubble of comfort, seeking out like-minded people and at times indulging in despondency even if you don’t dare show it?

Our top tips for turning disappointment into Courageous Success

  • Let others have their negative energy.  It’s theirs not yours.  Don’t let it impregnate you.
  • When you feel let down use that energy to galvanise strength.  We can enhance our resilience through challenge.  Our skin becomes thicker and our core of emotion kicks into a rebellious drive.  Harness this!
  • Don’t give up.  Great statistic from the world of sales – 8% of sales people make 80% of sales.  What’s happening?  80% of prospective sales say no four times and only 8% of sales people ask for the order the fifth time.  If you know me – here I am asking for that order again.

Taking responsibility for harnessing our energy through conscious emotional effort and discipline has great rewards – I also find that faith helps – both in yourself and in goodness prevailing.  Try not to placate yourself with rewards to feel better.

Make yourself feel better.

From Courageous Success Growth Inspiration