99% Agree that being authentic and being yourself feels good.

(Courageous Success Research 2021)

Being authentic and being yourself is inspiring to others, in delivery research last month, 95% of over 350 people agreed.  Yes!

With so many of us still conforming to the image that we perceive others will be impressed by (89% share that they must be professional to fit)…what needs to change to bring less need for cold faced professionalism restricting us and culture at work?

Firstly, I wanted to share an interesting fact.  This week it was reported that households in the UK have bought 3.2 million pets in lockdown.  So there are now just in this one country 17 million pet-owning homes.  56% have bought a pet for the first time in the last 12 months.  What makes me site this?  How human are you with your pets?  Do you become childlike, playful and soft with them?  Not only are they company, but pets also create something magic, they unlock you.

At the extreme level, the soft slushy funny voiced us that pets bring out is the total opposite of who we are at work!  Many of us hide these softer funny more vulnerable traits within us in favour of being logically minded and intellectually or creatively impressive.  But when you see others interact with their pets doesn’t it make you smile?

The challenge is that we tend to segregate parts of ourselves between work and home, drawing a line down ourselves.  But you are you everywhere and the moment that people start to squash parts of themselves or hold them back they become out of balance.  Now I am definitely not suggested that you go to work and roll around on the floor patting your workmates (goodness!).   But how about you try to bring more of the real you to work?  Would you be more endearing?  Yes!  Would you feel happier?  Yes!

As the statistic from a recent poll at CS shared, it feels good to be authentic. And when we look at who we really are, we agree at a 95% correlation that others will find us inspiring too!

So, this week instead of me challenging confidence, self-doubt, letting your mood be affected by others, self-awareness, courage, making a difference. All-powerful in your success at work.  I challenge you to bring your softer non-work side into play with your colleagues;

  • Do you rush through your day and forget to ask about others?
  • Do you get a bit soppy and thank others for being there with you?
  • Do you take a moment to smile, be playful and laugh?
  • Do you relax for a second, take a breath and appreciate what’s right in front of you?

Be you.