‘An increase in sick days and an increase on the scale of depressive symptoms were associated with lower odds of being self-sufficient’.

(BMC Psychology Study August 2020)

You may have heard the affirmation ‘All is within me’.  There are various YouTube videos and self-help sites that suggest the statement as an affirmation, meditation technique etc.  The statement doesn’t mean that you don’t ask for help, or need to become an island to be happy.  But it does inspire the notion that you have everything within you to be effective, and potentially happier.

BMC Psychology published results of a study conducted with young adults last August where they studied amongst other things the relationship between depressive symptoms and levels of self-sufficiency.  They found that levels of self-sufficiency were lowered even after 6 months from the baseline.  In other words when we struggle with our mental and emotional health and feel low, out of control, fed up etc it can not only affect our ability to act in the moment but also over time.

I read this week of a wrist band launched to monitor your emotional state at work.  The gadget has two buttons, one yellow and one blue. The idea is that you press the yellow one if you are feeling happy, and the blue one if you are sad.  This information is monitored and collated by your employer.  I was incredulous!  Is pressing the ‘I am not happy button’ not removing an element of your own control over how you feel and passing it to another?  I see every day the ups and downs of the present times as we all do.  Those that are choosing to get through as positively as possible, helping others, making the most of every moment, mucking in.  And those wallowing, moaning and struggling.  Guess which will emerge the stronger…our reactions to the pandemic are different for all of us, because of our experiences and circumstances but also because of who we are.  We forget that our habitual reactions have an enormous say in how we are feeling, growing, coping.  And the power to control these all sit within us.

Mental health charity Mind share that last year 60% of adults thought that their mental health had got worse during lockdown.  If we can all use the wisdom that we have gained through challenge and our control over how we choose to react, then our inner self-sufficiency is often all that we need to focus on to make a difference to how we think and feel in the moment.

Within you is;

  • Yourself, your spirit, your values, you.
  • Your confidence and energy.
  • Your opinions and beliefs.
  • Your wisdom from your experiences.
  • Your buttons and switches that dictate your reactions and approaches.

On a day to day basis how conscious are you of these five?  In my experience most of us don’t have these top of mind.  And there lies the challenge.  Consciousness.  How awake we are to our inner world and the wealth that lies within is directly proportional to how we feel and therefore our ability to succeed.  Self-sufficiency.  As Winston Churchill said, ‘Never waste a good crisis’.  This is a chance to grow strength, to know ourselves better.  To develop a greater resilience.  To make changes.  And to learn to use our inner world to strengthen our character.  Wow.

I hear from people that they feel bad about being happy right now, that in some way it is inappropriate.  But what if you decided to be you, the real you and at the same time chose a positive spin.  You won’t be deluded.  You’ll be choosing the path of self-sufficiency.  You will be not wasting this crisis.

‘59% of employees wouldn’t recommend their organisation as a good place to work.’ (Perkbox)  Make it a good place to work by being you and helping others to use their wisdom to be them and manage their reactions.

Be you.