The most popular blog of 2020 – are you using the shock of Covid-19 to unleash your raw ambition – if you haven’t yet then now is the time!

What’s your personal stimulus plan for the other side of Covid 19?



Energy. Care. Ambition.
Three powerful tools in bouncing back. The complacency of normality is deadly. I am constantly shocked by it. How will you harness this positive energy to not conform and instead personally innovate? This blog was so powerful for people I decided to send you a little reminder…

Raw ambition is often cultivated through shock and having to get your business, your family, your life to survive and you cope. I recently sat in a leadership conference where an audience of 3-400 people were asked to put their hands up if they were excited about the future of their careers. Four people put their hand up. I was incandescent!

This weekend many of us will have a little more time to reflect on where we are, how we are coping and what we are achieving. But how many of us will use this moment of space to smile, consciously activate excited energy and get ambitious? The world may never be the same again. It’s going to take human fuel to stimulate our economies and our lives. What if this was your opportunity to unleash energy, care and ambition?

A lot of people I meet comment on how inspiring the Courageous Success story is. They compare their journey to mine. Their expression, a sense of wow, as they realise that their life seems more steady. There is a very simple difference between us. I decided to go for it and they didn’t.

Google ‘Ambitious’ and the dictionary says “having a strong wish to be successful, powerful, or rich”. It’s time that definition was redefined! Ambition is not about gain. It’s about hope, excitement, vision and energy. It astonishes me how we put off the opportunity that we all have to be ambitious.

So how to review your own personal stimulus plan?
1. The current situation is not going to last forever. Are you focused on the now, or the future? Challenge your focus.
2. Bouncing is about energy. What energises you isn’t what energises me. Make a list of your energisers, and I am not talking about money or recognition. What feelings, activities and behaviours make you bounce?
3. Energy needs self-care and care for others to be sustainable. You can’t just go for it non stop and not focus upon looking after yourself and others, or you could drive yourself and those around you crazy! Practice at least one self-care ritual a day. It might be a run, a giggle, a pause, a conversation. Practice caring for others in a way that you have never done before. People will love you for it and you can never make a greater difference.
4. Dream. Dust off those ambitions. What would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?
5. Decide to bounce and write down a plan and don’t stop. Build on it day on day, craft it.
What if 75% of people report high levels of imposter syndrome because they are conforming and comparing. What would this figure be if we all followed our ambition with energy and care for ourselves and others?

My next ambition?
…imagine a world where you can be yourself at work. Where you are recruited for who you are and being you becomes your core way of life…