67% of people feel that they can’t be themselves at work!

A shocking insight from the first cut this week of the #beyourselfatwork survey.  With three months left to run, let’s see how the trend continues!

Just 25% of us have a manager who is real and authentic. (2020 Courageous Success Study into #beyourselfatwork).

This week, we’ve been at the HRD Summit in Birmingham and it’s been a fascinating experience.  Leading with our thought leadership masterclass on training managers to change lives yesterday, one of the obvious observations we’ve made is how little confidence we all have, including those who work in people and culture!

In one poll we ran with 160 heads of people and culture, the number one reason for not being themselves at work was lack of confidence.  No wonder millennials report that resilience and confidence under pressure is vital but virtually non-existent in learning content at work.

So, where shall we begin.  Confidence is absolutely vital if you are going to nail you and your world and work.  For this week’s reflections I just want to share these simple tips, in the hope that they will really make a difference for you and help you to decide to be you, the real you, the best you at work;

  1. Decide to work on your inner confidence.  Don’t ignore it or push the challenge away. Decide to take action to nail it.
  2. Measure your levels of confidence today. Do a confidence review.
    Score yourself out of 10, how much do you believe in yourself?  How strong is your self-critic, how much do you talk yourself down?  How self-conscious are you?  What level of worry do you have, with what and who?
  3. Now, ask yourself what externals you rely on for your confidence?  Examples from the survey include; being trusted, autonomy, recognition, being liked.  Rate out of 10 how important these things are for you.
  4. Now decide to move away from needing these externals. It’s nice to get a gold star, but imagine if you delivered a great piece of work and didn’t need anyone to notice. How? You notice and that’s enough.
  5. Be conscious as you go about your world. Think about your inner world all the time and make it positive!  Every negative thought; replace it with a positive.  Retrain your inner world and actively create positive influence around you.  No negative TV, radio, people, work to influence people to be positive.
  6. Take your greatest strengths as a person and recite them to yourself nonstop.  For example, I know I am kind, brave, quick, intelligent, warm, caring. Not a bad list.  If I remember this constantly, I’ll be much more likely to have stronger inner confidence.

I could write forever to help you.  I hope this does.