Diversity and Inclusion

Build a sense of inclusion with a diverse and modern workforce.

Just 16% feel that they can bring the real them to where they work, and only 24% of people know who the real them is.

As the equality, diversity, inclusion and belonging agenda advances, it is becoming more and more important to understand the factors that can get in the way of people feeling included and that they belong in their teams and workplaces. Understanding what stops us from being ourselves at work will help to address what reduces the opportunity for great workplace culture and equality at work. Diversity and inclusion is about being you, people being themselves. It is about creating an environment where people feel included and that they belong. A human, real, diverse and authentic community.

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iAM is creating a new global standard for work where everyone is safe and confident to be themselves. We believe that when everyone can be themselves, we will build a happier and more productive society. iAM champions working environments that are not only inclusive but actively celebrate everyone’s unique value.

For too long, working life has some feeling like they need to shapeshift every Monday morning, in order to fit in. Many have been changing their clothes, hair, demeanor, even shrinking themselves – and this affects underrepresented groups more than anyone else.

We are creating a new global standard for work where everyone is safe and confident to be themselves, championing working environments that are not only inclusive, but actively celebrate everyone’s unique value.
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Your iAM values are the characteristics, feelings and behaviors that make you you. They are what is important. When you live and work in alignment with these you will feel like yourself and be being authentic.

We believe in a different vision

A vision to silence the hurtful self-criticism, quell the overthinking, relieve the pain of imposter syndrome and cast away self-doubt.

Belonging comes from an inclusive workplace culture as well as every individual choosing to belong.

#beyourseflatwork Global Survey

Users of iAM from under represented groups all report less confidence, more imposter syndrome and higher levels of self-doubt than any other groups surveyed in the #beyourseflatwork Global Survey.

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