Is your organisation looking how to increase inclusivity, authenticity, trust and belonging?

We believe in creating an environment where people feel included and that they belong.

Global standards for your workplace

We are creating a new global standard for work where everyone is safe and confident to be themselves, championing working environments that are not only inclusive, but actively celebrate everyone’s unique value.

A decade of research shares that when people are themselves at work, their performance can be impacted by up to 85%.

Your iAM values are the characteristics, feelings and behaviors that make you you. They are what is important. When you live and work in alignment with these you will feel like yourself and be being authentic.

Users share that their iAM has a 90% impact on their self awareness.  When they share iAM in teams, working relationships are improved by 85%.  Being yourself comes with a vast improvement in your style as a manager and leader and 72% of people share that their iAM has changed their life.

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When you know what makes you uniquely tick and are yourself you will feel energised, balanced, right…because you are being you. Being your best self means aligning how you are showing up at work with your values. But the why doesn’t stop there. Your iAM boosts your ability to use your natural strengths to maximise your performance.

Your iAM values not only describe your character but also your unique dynamic. All contained within your iAM are your strengths and reputation, your unique styles, your motivators and your purpose. The activities and energies that you need to stay well, resilient and grounded. But also what might make you a challenge to work with, your elephants; the triggers and behaviours that you may overplay when you are not being the best of yourself.

The benefits of being yourself at work

Self awareness

Being authentic helps you to be self-aware. It also helps you to acknowledge and openly recognise other’s differences.

Stand out

Authenticity helps you to stand out at work, advancing your career and making you more approachable vs. blending in.

Be your best

When you are the best version of yourself people can see you, what you are capable of, and you become memorable for all of the right reasons.

Bringing out the best in others

When you are yourself, you give others permission to be themselves, and as the best of you, you naturally influence others to be their best.

Motivation and courage

Being yourself feels good and motivates you, helping you to feel bold and confident. With self-acceptance comes freedom which feels great and is exciting for others.

Build genuine relationships

People buy people, and they buy positive authenticity creating a feeling of inclusion and belonging, where people can be themselves at work.

Using your iAM at work