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Heart handshake CaptureFindings from a study carried out by the US Case Western University School of Medicine show that altruism – benevolence, compassion, kindness, generosity – can be a powerful antidote to stress.

In the study,  altruistic emotions – as they termed it “the helpers high” gained dominance over the stress response, leading to higher recorded levels of protective antibodies that strengthen the immune system and increased levels of oxytocin.  Studies have proven that Oxytocin helps men and women establish trusting relationships.

Goodness and altruism is supported by gratitude.   
A Harvard medical school study asked a group of people to practise gratitude for 10 weeks, termed as ”people acknowledging the good in their lives…that the source lies at least partially outside themselves…helping them to connect with other people.’’
People were more optimistic and felt better about their lives versus those whose focus included aggravation.
In other positive psychology research cited by Harvard “gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness.
Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships”.
Robert Emmons – the world’s leading scientific expert on gratitude and professor of psychology at The University of California studied more than 1000 people who practised gratitude.  His findings consistently report a host of benefits including – being more positive about life and being more helpful, generous, and compassionate towards others.
At Courageous Success we know from our development that increasing heartfulness at work is one of the core reasons that our clients report our development as having an impact of over 85% on them being a better manager or leader.

Be more altruistic at work and skyrocket your relationships, leadership and health!

  • Apply gratitude to your working life – notice the good in others and hold positive expectation.
  • Give positive feedback – not just to improve positivity but to genuinely be grateful for those around you.
  • Be more helpful – you may be busy but going out of your way to help others demonstrates practical altruistic behaviours.
  • Commit to a random act of kindness at work every week.
  • Count your blessings, remember what great opportunities you have to make a difference and make it.
  • Be generous – share your ideas and yourself.  Let the people around you know that you like them, be consciously empathetic and look for every opportunity to give.

small shell CaptureOur loved approach now includes half day Wellbeing Workshops – Tools In “Heartfulness” – to build self-care and “Heartful” consciousness at work. Aimed at all levels, the workshop reviews our daily routines examining stress and emotional responses whilst experiencing tools to maximise personal energy:  mind, body and spirit.  The workshop moves through mindfulness to fold in heartfulness bringing inside out beauty to individuals and workplace ethos.
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Star Performer

Star Performer

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Our newsletter slot congratulating a client who has recently experienced a Courageous Success Development Programme and has, in our view, demonstrated an exceptional level of commitment and success.
This quarter our Star Performer is Sarah Stewart, a Manager with a major food company.
Sarah completed a 7 week 1:1 Development Programme and the Courageous Success workshops: Coaching & Communication and Positivity & Self Belief. Sarah says of her Courageous Success experience; ‘ When I started the Courageous Success development programme I really wasn’t sure what to expect. Having never gone through a programme that was ‘all about me’ before, I have to admit I was a little pessimistic! I’m pleased to say that my pessimism was very short lived and Courageous Success completely won me over. From start to finish, the programme encouraged me to be the best me that I can be; it was like being given permission to really be my true self.
The 1:1 development sessions were the icing on the cake for me, and the supportive advice and positive feedback I received from my Courageous Success Developer during these sessions was invaluable. I loved the Values Elicitation process and my Courageous Success Values Triangle is priceless. This amazing visual tool represents who I truly am at heart, and by being more aware of my values I can now better manage difficult situations and communicate with my colleagues much more effectively. Courageous Success has been such an enjoyable experience and a fantastic programme which I would highly recommend to everyone’.

Could you be our next star performer?