How Rude!

Back in 2002 ABC News reported a poll across the US that found that “We’re Ruder Than Ever, … It’s about the daily assault of selfish, inconsiderate behaviour that gets under people’s skin on the highways, in the office, on TV, in stores and the myriad of other settings where they encounter fellow Americans.”

Has the world got any better?

On my travels in London this week I was shocked by the rudeness of several people.  No manners, pushing past people, stroppy, unkind selfishness.
In 2013 Harvard Business Review writers Porath and Pearson shared that, “Rudeness at work is rampant, and it’s on the rise.  Over the past 14 years we’ve polled thousands of workers about how they’re treated on the job, and 98% have reported experiencing uncivil behaviour”.
In 2011 half said they were treated rudely at least once a week—up from a quarter in 1998.Rude man shutterstock_412876705 (2)A Skyscanner poll published in Forbes reports on the world’s top rudest nations.  Number one was France, followed by Russia. Australia ranks 21st.  Here’s the top 6:

1: French
 2: Russian

 3: British
 4: German
 5: Chinese 
 6: American

This year’s CIPD/Halogen Employee Outlook Report finds that job satisfaction in the UK has dropped to its lowest level for over two years, with job seeking intentions rising to almost a quarter – 24%.  34% disagree that their organisation inspires the very best of them in the way of job performance.  From our research, the US & Australia are pretty much the same.
If you are like me, I get really cross when people are rude and my instinct is to be slightly less rude back – something which I have now learnt to control!  I certainly don’t naturally want to help or support people who are rude and having had rude bosses in the past, I know that rudeness does not motivate you to do your best!

So, how rude are you?
How aware are you of your rudeness to others?
Do good manners matter to you?
So if nearly 8 in 10 people in the US said back in 2002 that a lack of respect & courtesy is a serious national problem, and that nation is still ranked quite highly in the rude national rankings above, what can we ALL do to reduce rudeness in general & in the workplace so that we inspire others to apply the very best of themselves in their performance?
Interesting food for thought!
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