“Every [tech] entrepreneur that I know is spending time on the pandemic response,”

 CEO of global start-up accelerator The Founder Institute Adeo Ressi tells CNBC Make It.

What are you doing this coming weekend?  Planning on reading, watching TV, relaxing in the garden?  Whilst you are focusing on your own little world.  Many are dreaming, pivoting.  I have heard lots of people share that they “just want things to get back to normal”.  But what if this was your or your company’s chance to seize the opportunity to change by being courageous?

According to Ressi, the Covid-19 pandemic has nearly instantly and very dramatically pivoted the priorities of some start-up founders, entrepreneurs, researchers and doers — the innovators — to solving problems related to the pandemic and preparing for any in the future.  But not just focusing on health care.

“That’s because a time of crisis is also a time of opportunity”.

The bottom line is, says Ressi, change can be scary, but it can also be inspiring.

LOVE THIS!  The thought of facing yet another restructure in my old world was the push that I needed to start Courageous Success.  It was scary.  I had no idea what I was doing.  I suddenly had no income.  But I had grit and courage.  How?  The fear and opportunity unlocked it.

“For start-ups working in negatively affected industries, this is an unprecedented time to innovate or face extinction,” Ressi tells CNBC Make It.

Whether you are a business owner or not.  You have the opportunity because of the virus to pivot.

Thinking about this week’s blog I decided to pivot and simply challenge your consciousness with some simple challenges to your agility.  Use them to reflect.  To dream.  To face your own fears.  To be a better version of you.  To be courageous…

  1. Who were you before all this that you did not like? Our behaviours are not who we are.  If you could be really you, what behaviours would you change?
  2. Honestly, what percentage of you is negative in your thinking and expressions?
  3. You ten years from now, what successes have you had?
  4. How many times have you shied away from change because it is easier to stay where you are or immediately made a mental list of why something wouldn’t work?
  5. Who do you envy? What is it about them and their approach that got them to this position of pedestal with you?  What stops you doing the same?
  6. How much do you wait for others to sort everything out?
  7. Do you go with your first thought or idea and run with that, or create lots and then decide?
  8. How have you reacted in the past when the requirement was agility? Did you try to fight your point or dig in to prove others wrong?
  9. Chris Brindley, in last Monday’s webinar shared, the opposite of right is left.
  10. According to Ressi, many start-ups have been able to adapt since they are “small and nimble,” he says. You are “small and nimble”, are you adapting?

When I look back at how amazingly exciting and at the same time how excruciatingly shocking my courageous experience has been,  I know one thing for sure, my iAM, me is everything I have needed to be.

Learn to get out of your own way through challenge.  Are you using this crisis to be the best of you?