Only 13% of workers are not looking and not interested in any new job opportunities right now.


(LinkedIn Workforce Confidence Index)

Excluding those of us needing a new job right now, is it easier to escape and look for a new job when you aren’t happy at work?  What is making you unhappy?  Have you considered that it might have something to do with you?  Controversy!  In this week’s blog lets look at two things;

  1. Working smarter and faster in the new posit Covid must.
  2. Wasting time and lagging behind because of negative self talk and self-doubt.

According to the latest data from LinkedIn’s Workforce Confidence Index, one third of the UK workforce is actively looking for a new job whilst a further 26% of workers are casually looking for a new job.  30% – while not actively looking – are open to the right offer. My view is that these figures are not dissimilar all around the working world.

Social media and conversation are full of the “new era”.  One senior partner from McKinsey shared in a recent article, “I have clients saying that they’ve accomplished in 10 days what used to take them 10 months”.  Have you?  I have!  And I see others doing it too.  But is everyone?

We can talk about agility at work, we can talk about having a growth mindset (don’t get me started) but in my experience the people who succeed, are happy, are growing their organisation, getting promoted, seen as marketable etc.  are doing a few straightforward things in this new era.  They are;

  • Not procrastinating or wasting time blaming others or indulging in negativity about circumstances or spend time overthinking and doubting themselves.
  • They have consciously lifted their drive to match the challenges currently facing them and where they work. Even if they are part time or furloughed.
  • They see themselves as part of the organisation, not working for it.
  • They are not looking to escape. Instead they are relishing the challenge, are self aware and are helping with kindness those around them in every moment that they can.

Interestingly “Indeed” share that one of the first questions people get asked in an interview is, “Why are you looking for a new job?”  How many would say because of my self-doubt, lack of keeping up pace, or my lack of proactivity?  Ouch!  Ok so let’s look at how to speed up and bring more belief into ourselves to nail this.

Our #beyourselfatwork 2020 global study showed that 50% of us have no positive self talk at all, and when it is there 75% say it is very critical.

  1. We all have moments of self-doubt, often we think it’s just us, it’s not. In a recent webinar 93% admitted to me that they had imposter syndrome.  Once you realise it’s not just you it feels less debilitating!
  2. We all have the power to mitigate our self-doubt, but we have to choose to. Only then will it be in our control.  For some of us that means challenging our patterns and behaviours as well as being courageous to stick our necks out.
  3. When doubt creeps in keep it in perspective. Notice it to deal with it rather than diving into it and letting it totally flood your consciousness.
  4. List the doubt in one sentence then the aspects of you and your approaches and results that illustrate the complete opposite.
  5. Decide to develop confidence every day. There is no magic instant pill.  It takes conscious effort.
  6. If a friend or colleague were self-doubting, you’d reassure them, coach them, challenge them positivity. Do the same for yourself.
  7. Decide to ban negativity and just get on with things, doing the best that you can, always.

How to speed up?

  • Write more, action more and speak less. When you do speak begin questions with “what” to open up fact vs. defensiveness and stay on track.
  • Don’t over collaborate where you don’t need to. Trust yourself in your decisions.
  • Act as if it were your organisation or business, step into leading and driving.
  • Be conscious of the difference you and your organisation are making. Use this to emotively fuel your purpose.
  • Challenge yourself to do and achieve more. You will amaze yourself by what you are capable of!

Be you.