Only 8% of people reach their goals.


What makes some able to focus, have persistence and reach their goals and others not?  The definition of Courageous Success itself relies upon energy, unlocked by being yourself coupled with confidence and strength to apply courage to succeed and get there.

Roughly 80% of UK companies fail within their first year.  A shocking statistic.  But for 92% of us not to reach our goals.  Wow.  “Sociologists tell us the most introverted of people will influence 10,000 others in an average lifetime.”  Erin Urban writing in Forbes about impact.

Now there are lots of factors involved, but the human factor is major when it comes to success.


A simple article in shares that there are five factors that affect how well you will succeed;

  1. Putting too much power in the hands of someone else.
  2. Daily distractions.
  3. Not believing enough in your capabilities.
  4. Seeing a single failure as the end of all things.

With working from home, stress, pressure and the length of the lockdowns and ongoing social distancing many are struggling to keep up the pace.  We can talk about taking t

ime out, having regular breaks, meditating and exercise.  But quite frankly it is the inside of us that can hold the greatest power in our success.  How you manage yourself and use your energy, focus and consciousness have a vital part to play.

Courageous and a success.  Up for it?

If your answer is yes, then my first invitation is to pause and reflect on your dream.  What are your goals?  What are your aims and your work priorities?  Do you know where you are going?  If not, then focus may be your first stumbling block.  But as you reflect on these how safe are they?  How exciting?  In my experience most aims, dreams and goals could be stretched, and I mean really stretched.  Use your intuition to guide you.  If you aim to build a department, new customer base, product or company or to create changes, really innovate or improve something as part of your working world then you need to sense and dream.  You need to work with others, maintain maximum energy in every moment and then apply you with tactical cleverness.

Still up for it?

The price of not being up for it is the most common stumbling block that I see in others.  We all want to succeed but are we really willing to step forward and give everything it takes?  With iAM and the work on confidence and performance at Courageous Success I know that everyone has the makings, the tools for Courageous Success.  My challenge to you is to challenge and decide on your goals and then be brave.  To help you here are my notes on nailing the five points above;

Discipline this is about your organisation and to do list as well as your control over your mind.  Don’t let it wander.  Decide to continue in every moment.  What really helps me, always, when I sense any of my discipline is slipping is to take action rather than a break, and fast.  Very soon I am right back on track.

Putting too much power in the hands of someone else – If you are going to achieve you have to achieve, not someone else.  The more you rely on others the greater the challenge to your success.  I am not saying do everything.  But in my experience managers and leaders give too much delegation without enough context or structure for success.  They then wonder why people are not producing work the way they expected it to be.  So, stay in control of the structure and plan, including the accountability!

Daily distractions are there because you notice them!  So, decide not to.  If you are going to really succeed and not give up, you can’t afford not to concentrate.  Do what you need to do when you know you absolutely have to focus.

Not believing enough in your capabilities I could write 50 blogs just about this point!  My top line as regular readers will recognise is 1.  Choose to believe in yourself.  2.  Write down the things that make you great and recite them regularly to yourself.  3.  Don’t rely on gold stars from others to give you confidence.  Rely on yourself instead of recognition or strategies like being trusted or given autonomy.  4.  Be yourself, the best of you.  5.  Remember the other four!

Seeing a single failure as the end of all things This is all about your choosing to be positive vs. martyr and negative.  Don’t get me wrong we are all human and I along with everyone have moments where the toys get thrown out of the pram and I take my ball home because I don’t want to play anymore.  The trick is to play the long game.  Sometimes changing your mind and flexing brings a better route.  In those moments stay positive, be tactical, use your intuition and create a better way.

Be you. x