75% of the reasons people quit work are things that managers can influence (Marcel Schwantes, Inc.).
75% of the reasons people quit comes down to their managers (Gallup).

Many of us can think of a teacher, or a friend, who we totally “got” and who totally “got us”.  They believed in us and there was a magical spark that ignited a change within us that shifted something fundamental.  Not many of us can cite a Manager who has done the same.  But for those who can, it is life changing stuff.  When was the last time that you looked at the people in your team and totally saw the best in them – when they couldn’t see it in themselves?
At Courageous Success we have a programme called iAM A Life Changing Manager.  The essence being that, if you find out who you really are – the real you – and then put that you at the centre of how you manage others, you will be relatable to and approachable, whilst supporting & bringing meaning to working with you in your team.  You are then able to grow others and drive ownership of culture in a trusting, real, human and inclusive way.
When we ask managers what gets in the way of them being an even better manager, the answer is always the same – time.  And yet when we explore what we love about managers that we’ve worked for in the past, what we remember, and has stayed with us, is behaviour rather than the structure and content of their “doing” as a manager.  Behaviour that showed their obvious belief and interest in us, their positivity, authenticity and realness.
When, as managers, we are our real selves rather than our ‘work’ selves, we become relatable to and inspiring.  Our natural human reaction is then to see the good in others and recognise opportunities for people.  We try to help, we care and we naturally boost people.  Think about the time you spend outside of work. When you are with the people you care about and choose to spend time with, you instinctively coach, care, support and challenge, and you do it naturally not formally.  You also tend to react in a way that doesn’t have a negative impact on others, you protect them and your environment so that they are happy and can grow.
Being yourself – the best you –  is the fastest way to keep your staff.  When we manage our emotional response and are the real us, people like us more.  We know with iAM A Life Changing Manager that the light bulb goes on within 90 minutes. The light bulb that says I don’t need to change to make a career and life changing difference, all I need to do is be me and the best of me.
The Courageous Success #beyourselfatwork affirmation card above is a great one for this whole approach.