You don’t need Ivy League – if you decide to succeed. you will!

The US admissions scandal, rich and famous parents buying their children places at top US institutions, has created much debate in the US, being labelled privilege and helicopter parenting at its height, excuse the pun!   According to a BBC article, analysis shows that “in the US those who attended a top college earn more than graduates from non-elite institutions by their mid-30s, including those from poorer backgrounds.’’  Hence why parents feel the need to ‘help’ their children get in!  The article then goes on to look at whether this bribery actually makes a difference; “the question is whether elite colleges themselves boost future earnings, or whether they simply select highly skilled students who would succeed anyway.’’
Looking at future earnings of students of elite versus non-elite US institutions, the study found that largely it is the student that makes the difference:  “smart, motivated students who go to an elite college, research suggests, earn about the same as equally smart, motivated ones who go to a slightly less selective one.’’
Similar results can be found for selective high schools;  “students who narrowly miss entry into competitive secondary schools in Boston and New York, for example, go on to do just as well as those who narrowly clear the hurdle.”   As with the colleges, it’s not the schools driving the impressive results, it’s the students they let in.  Reassuring results for any parents who worry about whether their child will attend a top school or college or not –  a child who wants to do well, puts in the hard work and are persistent, will succeed.This is what Courageous Success stands for – going for what you want and putting the effort in to achieve it.  Courageous Success is a verb – it’s about maximising who you are and what you are capable of. It’s being braver. Achieving by applying courage, grit, and being gutsy, adventurous, persistent and resilient.
The biggest gift any of these rich and famous parents could give their child, or what any of us need to help us do well and succeed, is self-belief. Being brave and courageous every day, being excited about making a difference, even in a small way, builds powerful self-belief.
Often we can have negative thoughts, that can act like barriers in our minds, stopping us having the courage to take a leap of faith every day.  We doubt ourselves and fear failure, so we stick to safe.  Being brave and courageous everyday means choosing not to listen to these negative thoughts.

When did you last push yourself or venture outside of your comfort zone?  When did you trust, have faith and follow the clues rather than sticking to set process?  How persistent are you?
What would it feel like to step into your personal power and unleash your amazing self?

Here are our top tips:

  • Think of the last time you felt incredible, unstoppable, full of confidence, at your best.  Make a list of words that describes how it felt e.g. powerful, full of energy, daring, courageous, I can do anything. Remind yourself of these words regularly – this is you.
  • Challenge yourself at work, what have you been putting off? Now grab it and get stuck in!
  • Keep your power: don’t let the mood of others affect you, leave their mood with them and don’t take it on.
  • Be yourself everywhere.  Your iAM Values – your best self.  You will naturally feel more comfortable, positive and powerful.
  • Believe in yourself.