97% of employees feel frustrated at work!!
Research by Staples, reported in HRGrapevine with an incredible statistic!  The report also says that 89% of UK office workers say they think about changing jobs – with one in ten admitting they think about it constantly!  It’s not just the UK, as Gallup report, worldwide engagement languishes at 13%.
Can so many people, really be so unhappy with their work to spend so much time wishing they weren’t there?  What a waste of time and energy!
Is this really about a wishful thinking approach to work, wishing that things outside of ourselves were different, if only this or that would change to make my working life better – more recognition, better biscuits, a better desk, environment, colleagues, less stress?  I’d love to know how many people do change jobs only to find, after the initial honeymoon period of a new job, that the grass isn’t any greener, there are different frustrations, similar stresses, and they end up answering another survey saying they are frustrated and want to leave!

Wherever we go, there is always one constant – ourselves.   We can be our best friend or our worst enemy.

We can look outside of ourselves to make life better, and use strategies to get by when life feels a bit hard, eg being a victim, a martyr and thinking that ‘life happens to me’, that I have no choice.  Blaming our job for feeling frustrated is a choice we make – an unproductive one, but a choice just the same.
When we ask clients to score their agreement with the question
“I have a strong relationship with myself” (as part of our Courageous Counter) the vast majority score this as low.
The Courageous Counter comprises of ten questions that evaluate an individual’s propensity for having Courageous Success. This single question stands out for vast majority of us as something we need to work on.
Common areas that people want to improve in their working lives are;

  • Be less of a pleaser – I say yes to everything.
  • Manage my reactions better and over-analyse less.
  • Put less pressure on myself – most of it is self-imposed and I forget this!
  • Feel more confident about my strengths – accept myself.
As clients who work with us know, we have a whole kingdom of resources within to help us, and yet many of us don’t use, want to accept, like, look after, or want to spend time with ….ourselves.
Gallup estimate that 31% of us are stressed and 24% of us are suffering from tiredness or burnout, how many of us are looking within ourselves for the answers? We can tell you: our research shows that over 90% of us don’t.
So, how is your relationship with yourself?   Are you letting frustration happen to you? Are you bringing the whole you, and the best of you to work?If you’ve worked with us, you will know how to look inside of yourself to move forward.
For those of you yet to engage with Courageous Success, the fix that we all want to these questions, lies within. Here are three steps to move you forwards;
  1. Choose to fix it yourself, regardless of circumstances.
  2. Decide to remove your self-consciousness whilst being your real self.
  3. Connect with yourself and have a positive conversation. Look within for your thoughts and strength.