Introducing…….. The Happy Newspaper!  “Sprinkling a tiny bit of happiness all over the planet.”

We’ve found a new hero – Emily Coxhead, who created the Happy Newspaper, after realising the negative effect that the news was having on her when she was going through a difficult time. Quirky and beautifully illustrated, it is full of positive news stories and celebrates everyday heroes.
If you are a regular reader of this blog or have spent any time at all with us, you will of-course know that we recognise the power of a positive mind set. Reminding yourself of all things positive and  looking for the good are powerful techniques in managing your emotional reactions and mood.
There is loads of research that shows what a difference having a positive attitude makes, including;

  • It’s as important a contribution as IQ for being good at something. Stanford Uni
  • Increases creative problem solving by 20%. Michele Gielan.
  • Invigorates human beings and makes them 12% more productive. Warwick Uni.
  • Doing something good for the company, even if it’s not expected of you +50%. Tempkin Group.

Researchers also tell us it’s good for improving our mood and levels of happiness, dealing with stress, increases our immunity and our resilience.
It is also estimated that much of this is under personal control – we have the power to be positive.
We often see people including senior leaders at all levels sabotage their own mood and happiness, with no thought of the impact. How? By letting their mood be affected by others and not controlling their emotional response. They believe that they can’t be themselves and conform to “workplace norms” so feel monotone and deflated. They compare themselves to others and knock their own confidence.  They hold back rather than be courageous and say it as it is. They reserve the real them and their clear thoughts, visions and opinions for life outside of work or just for their own team.

Our clients report an improvement of 88% in their positivity and happiness when working with us. We put your power back in your hands, influencing the relationship you have with yourself to create a positive attitude and happiness from the inside and not relying or hoping about what happens outside. This isn’t about having a Pollyanna approach to life – it’s about choosing how to interpret and react to events. Positive thinking is about belief in your abilities, a positive and realistic approach to disappointments and challenges, and trying to make the most of all situations.

Here are some ways to help:

  • Take the positivity challenge; for ten days choose to see the positive in all situations and in all interactions with others. Avoid negative influences e.g. the media or negative people.
  • Take out a subscription to The Happy Newspaper .
  • Make the choice to always have a positive impact on those you interact with – wherever you are and whoever it is.
  • Be the same person at work as you are at home – bring all of you to work.
  • Apply gratitude to your working life – notice the good in others and hold positive expectation.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness, don’t wait for something or someone to make you happy.

It is your choice, make the most of everyday, whatever you are doing. Make a positive difference for you and those around you.