“67% of people feel that they can’t be themselves at work”.

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In the UK, Captain Tom Moore aimed to walk a hundred lengths of the back garden before he was 100 years old at the end of the month.  A 99-year-old war veteran he has walked, and actually raised more than £13m for the UK NHS. He wanted to raise £1,000.

What are you doing to make a difference in all of this?

Captain Tom told the BBC that, “I never dreamt I would be involved in such an occasion as this,” at the end of his final lap.

Since the beginning of all this (I am fed up with writing the word “challenge”, hate the word “crisis” and don’t even get me started on the term “Covid-19”) how many of us have been focused on our unique gifts?  How many of us are actively focused upon using them to make a difference?

We won’t all raise £13m, but I truly believe, and have seen people from all walks of life, unlock courageous energy and apply their natural talents to do something that has an impact, large or small.  Right now, and in the past, with and without Coronavirus.

This week we launch iAM Digital, the workplace product with the power to change your life and be your true self at work.  Whilst filming for the content I noticed that I wasn’t self conscious at all.  Why?  I was doing what I was meant to be doing, being myself and sharing what I know.  When we are ourselves and decide to make a difference doing what we know, magic happens.

Nicole (daughter – about to be 16 – unable to take her GCSE’s) recently decided to write a book. She has a great plot, loads of energy and is on a mission (love it).  She asked me, Mummy, what should I focus the scenes on? My response?  “Write about what you know!”  So, she did.  Life, confidence and lack of it, parents drinking martinis on a Friday night (and the occasional other stressful one 😊).  Her confidence has grown.  She’s being brave, being herself.  She’s starting chapter three…

Often people ask me, “What should I do with my life, my career, how I lead, how I manage my role at work, this team?”  I respond with three questions.  Three questions to unlock how to make your personal difference;

  1. What do you know? Your work and life’s experiences, lessons, skills.
  2. Who are you? Your personal values, you, your iAM.
  3. What do you want? Not just money or sanctuary, what rhythm, feel, pace, experience?

This last three weeks we have galvanised our talents as a team, as a family, to make something amazing.  Jerome has created incredible videos (you’ll agree!) with his girls as the “talent” 😊.  I have created powerful development content that will continue to change lives.  Nicole has been super courageous and at the age of 15 stood in front of the camera, with a full green screen behind her,  and with her Young People iAM in her heart, created with us iAM for young people.

We can all unlock the magic in ourselves and others.  How can you make a difference?

See the iAM Digital intro film here – next week young people with Nicole.  Take care and be you. x

iAM Digital

Users create a bespoke set of iAM personal values, before digitally generating personalised tips on resilience, agility, inclusion and wellbeing.  A 30 minute digital experience hosted on a company’s Learning Management System or hosted by us via our platforms. With pricing for scale. Individuals can purchase iAM Digital at www.courageoussuccess.com/store for £99.

Contact potential@courageoussuccess.com to find out more.


iAM Digital | Young People

iAM adapted to the needs of those aged 14-19 to create a bespoke set of iAM Values.  Includes personalised tips on resilience, wellbeing, being yourself, being connected, achieving and planning a courageous future.  Free, with an option to name your price, if at all.  iAM Digital is for all young people, as well as those most in need.